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Air velocity

Air velocity

Velocity is a vector expression of the displacement that an object or particle undergoes with respect to time . The standard unit of velocity magnitude (also known as speed ) is the meter per second (m/s).

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testo 405 i - thermal anemometer with smartphone operation

With the testo 405i hot wire anemometer, you can measure air velocities, temperatures and volume flows. Via Bluetooth, the readings are transmitted wirelessly straight to the testo Smart Probes App on your smartphone or tablet.


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testo 405 - Thermal anemometer

Use the testo 405 thermal anemometer to measure air velocity, volumetric flow and air temperature. It is suitable for carrying out quick check measurements in ventilation ducts and for measuring the air velocity in rooms, e.g. at draughty windows.


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testo 417 - Air flow meter

The testo 417 vane anemometer allows you to carry out quick and precise measurements at air inlets and outlets. The easy-to-read display shows air flow speed and direction as well as volumetric flow rate and temperature. The meter can also calculate the mean time value, average value and minimum and maximum value at the touch of a key.


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Anemometer TG720AV

- Air Velocity Range: 0.4 ~ 45 m/s - Air Flow Calculation: 0~9999 CMM/CFM - Auto Power Off - Backlight function. - Memory Recall Function


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