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Measuring surface temperatures (portable measuring instruments, data loggers, self-adhesive temperature films, and data monitoring systems) and attachable surface probes. Contact instrument will using surface temperature probes that are available in different designs that meet all customer requirements.

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testo 926 starter set - Temperature measuring instrument set

Ideal for food temperature checks in large kitchens, restaurants, industry and trade: with the testo 926 temperature measuring instrument starter set, you can get started with your measurements straight away.


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testo 103 - Food thermometer

The testo 103 is the smallest folding food thermometer in its class – making it perfect for carrying out spot checks in the food industry.


testo 104-IR - Food safety thermometer

Incoming food, food on display, food in storage: the testo 104-IR infrared probe thermometer allows you to carry out quick and reliable temperature and food safety checks in the course of your busy working day. Ideal for use in the food sector, restaurants and the retail industry.


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testo 106 - Food thermometer

Practical for fast, safe temperature measurements in food controls: with the compact, handy testo 106 food thermometer you will be well equipped to measure the core temperature of products in industrial kitchens, restaurant chains, supermarkets, or while food is in transit.


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Waterproof mini probe thermometer

The waterproof mini probe thermometer allows you to measure the air temperature and core temperature of a variety of different media in a variety of different applications. And when you’re done you can either clean your thermometer under running water – or pop it into the dishwasher if necessary.


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