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TESTO Testo 868 Thermal Imager with App The testo 868 thermal imager is characterized by its professional measuring performance and its easy.. Product #: TH000-125E based on 0 reviews In Stock

Testo 868 Thermal Imager with App

Brand: TESTO
Product Code: TH000-125E
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Product Description

With the testo 868 thermal imager, we have developed a thermal imager which makes work quicker and easier – without foregoing professional thermal imaging technology. You can generate error-free and objectively comparable infrared images using its handy functions. The IFOV warner, testo ɛ-Assist and testo ScaleAssist mean you can avoid measurement errors and not only effortlessly achieve optimum setting of emissivity (ɛ) and reflected temperature (RTC) for building thermography, but also of colour scale.

The testo 868 thermal imager– smart and networked

The testo 868 thermal imager guarantees wireless communication with your mobile terminal device via WLAN. With the testo Thermography App for iOS and Android you can write and send reports directly on site, as well as saving them online, and you can use your smartphone or tablet as a second display or for remote control.

Areas of application of the testo 868 thermal imager

Detect leaks, identify overheated connections, pinpoint thermal bridges or detect structural defects. The testo 868 thermal imager was developed for applications in daily maintenance and installation work in trade and industry. It enables quick and reliable work when you are detecting defects and carrying out maintenance.

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